Surprising Moon Structures

It is surprising what you can see on the Moon with a good modern-day telescope. Moon has structures that resemble statues and there are plenty of them. Analysing these structures you will notice the following:

1. There are structures which resemble human-like creatures. You can even distinguish if they look like men, women or babies. Often you can distinguish or at least imagine what type cloths they are wearing.

2. There are structures of animals. Sometimes they look like monsters or to us unknown type of animals, but the majority look like our own domestic animals – mostly like dogs.

3. This is an important observation. The statues do not contain any other objects. So if created by Nature then Nature must be very selective.

The scientists say that these structures were created on the edge of craters as a result of high-impact meteorites coliding the Moon surface. The heated magna was thrown upwards and was frozen instantly creating the structures.

The above is how the science today explains these structures. Nature has created many surprising things, but it is very hard to believe that all the strange statue-like structures on the Moon were created by Nature as a result of lava eruption.

Yes. These huge structures or statues probably were created by lava eruptions. Yes. They are made of rock and regolith soil. But that is not the point! The point is who made them look like humans or animals?

Cindi Loohoo has done it again. See her latest video (18.7.2020) and you will see the point. Do you think that all these structures were created by Nature as a result of random lava eruptions? I think there must exist a better explanation. What do you think?


The Moon close and personal

This  is absolutely the best video so far to show many of the very strange objects and structures to be found on the Moon. These objects and structures must be huge to be seen direct from the Earth.

For users of mobile phones it will be very hard to see all the details. So my hint is to use the PC to see all the videos in Moonfact-site. And if you don´t have a PC then probably you have a SmartTV and you can find these videos  through it. In some cases it is also posible that you can send the video from your mobile phone to your TV. (Remember – the larger the screen the better.)

In this video you will notice how the surface of the Moon looks like to be of glass or some other similar transparent material and inside the Moon you will see familiar faces and characters. How come? Is somebody playing a strange game with us? Or are they just halucinations and “pareidolia”? Anyway they are extremely large figures…

It struck to me one great idea! Maybe these objects have been constructed to be seen direct from the Earth. Who knows? Please observe the many building type structures as well.

Exploring the Moon – Ruviro

Many of the best videos on Lunar anomalies come from Ruviro (Huelva, Spain). I like many of his videos. He has a series called: “Explorando la Luna 1” all the way up to the latest “Explorando la Luna 15” (as of 29.6.2020) which I have chosen to be presented here as an example of his videos.

The Moon Telescope 4k

Telescopes have evolved tremendously and it is now possible to observe the moon directly from the earth. Neither NASA nor any other similar organization can censor these images of the moon. In my opinion private dedicated hobbyists are more reliable sources than NASA or any other similar organization – especially if more than one hobbyist from very different parts of the world produce similar images.

This video is one of those you should see. It contains these unedited images I am talking about. These objects must be huge – probably in some cases over one kilometer long. What are they? And why they exist? Or are they only a problem called “pareidolia”.

Is NASA sincere with us?

There is doubt that NASA is not sincere with us – all the people of the world. Is NASA placing extra layers in the pictures to fool us. Why? What purpose that could serve? Make your own conclusions. Anyway here is that Hypersonic Mars Project video that will tell you how it could be done. (This video has a photo from Mars, but the same thing is possibly happenning with the NASA photos of the moon.)


Sergeant Karl Wolf on structures in the moon

THE DISCLOSURE PROJECT May 9, 2001 National Press Club – Karl Wolf described a base on the far side of the moon with structures in the shape of mushrooms, spheres, and towers. RUVIRO has taken the background video at the moon edge in 2019 which fit that description of Karl Wolf (however they are not necessarily the ones described by Karl Wolf since there are plenty of structures to be found on the moon).