The Moon Telescope 4k

Telescopes have evolved tremendously and it is now possible to observe the moon directly from the earth. Neither NASA nor any other similar organization can censor these images of the moon. In my opinion private dedicated hobbyists are more reliable sources than NASA or any other similar organization – especially if more than one hobbyist from very different parts of the world produce similar images.

This video is one of those you should see. It contains these unedited images I am talking about. These objects must be huge – probably in some cases over one kilometer long. What are they? And why they exist? Or are they only a problem called “pareidolia”.

Is NASA sincere with us?

There is doubt that NASA is not sincere with us – all the people of the world. Is NASA placing extra layers in the pictures to fool us. Why? What purpose that could serve? Make your own conclusions. Anyway here is that Hypersonic Mars Project video that will tell you how it could be done. (This video has a photo from Mars, but the same thing is possibly happenning with the NASA photos of the moon.)


Sergeant Karl Wolf on structures in the moon

THE DISCLOSURE PROJECT May 9, 2001 National Press Club – Karl Wolf described a base on the far side of the moon with structures in the shape of mushrooms, spheres, and towers. RUVIRO has taken the background video at the moon edge in 2019 which fit that description of Karl Wolf (however they are not necessarily the ones described by Karl Wolf since there are plenty of structures to be found on the moon).


The Lost NASA Apollo Tapes

The Lost NASA Apollo Tapes.

An interesting and shocking story about the lost NASA Apollo tapes.

See this video and the comments of the viewers of it.