The truth! The Moon is full of mechanical devices.

No one can deny it. Here is the ultimate proof that the Moon is full of mechanical devices.

Telescopes on Earth have a maximum precision of between 300 and 500 m per pixel. The Hubble telescope can achieve maximum precision of about 20 m per pixel.

In the photos taken by Hubble we can clearly see structures and mechanical devices everywhere. It also looks something like
silhouettes of buildings (time 17:01 – 18:27).

Revealing UFO photo and video

Cindi Loohoo has published on the 7th of Jan 2021 the video titled “UFOs Captured in Infrared with Analysis Jan. 4, 2021”. Here is that video for you!


I have taken a snapshot of the above video at time 9:53 trying to make some more details visible. Here are the results:

A snapshot of Cindi Loohoo video
A snapshot of Cindi Loohoo video “UFOs Captured with Infrared with Analysis Jan. 4, 2021”. Time 9:53.

I have placed white arrows to pinpoint important structures. It seems that the tubes coming from the bright object clearly connect with the darker structures around. It seems that the UFO is much larger than the bright object. Also it seems that the structures are more like mechanical structures. This excludes the possibility of the bright object being of biological origin.

Or how YOU would interprete this UFO?



A series of original and unedited Apollo 17 videos

The most successful Apollo mission has been the Apollo 17 mission. The stay of the Apollo 17 crew on the Moon did produce a series of mpg-videos. The original and unedited videos have a great value. So we will publish anew  these videos and here is the first video to begin with.

Apollo 17 videos – part 1.

The story begins..

Please note that at the end of each video you are offered automatically a link to the next video in this series.

By so far there are already 70 published videos on Apollo 17 Moon Mission. See the following list:

Apollo 17 videos – a17v.1181422 – 001

Apollo 17 videos – a17v.1181735 – 002

Apollo 17 videos – a17v.1182035 – 003

Apollo 17 videos – a17v.1182451 – 004

Apollo 17 videos – a17v.1182740 – 005

Apollo 17 videos – a17v.1183101 – 006

Apollo 17 videos – a17v.1183433 – 007

Apollo 17 videos – a17v.1183725 – 008

Apollo 17 videos – a17v.1184045 – 009

Apollo 17 videos – a17v.1184328 – 010

Apollo 17 videos – a17v.1184627 – 011

Apollo 17 videos – a17v.1184942 – 012

Apollo 17 videos – a17v.1185228 – 013

Apollo 17 videos – a17v.1185522 – 014

Apollo 17 videos – a17v.1185833 – 015

Apollo 17 videos – a17v.1190114 – 016

Apollo 17 videos – a17v.1201208 – 017

Apollo 17 videos – a17v.1201635 – 018

Apollo 17 videos – a17v.1201948 – 019

Apollo 17 videos – a17v.1202236 – 020

Apollo 17 Mission – a17v.1202701 – 021

Apollo 17 Mission – a17v.1202920 – 022

Apollo 17 Mission – a17v.1203302 – 023

Apollo 17 Mission – a17v.1203602 – 024

Apollo 17 Mission – a17v.1203905 – 025

Apollo 17 Mission – a17v.1204314 – 026

Apollo 17 Mission – a17v.1204625 – 027

Apollo 17 Mission – a17v.1205002 – 028

Apollo 17 Mission – a17v.1205322 – 029

Apollo 17 Mission – a17v.1205705 – 030

Apollo 17 Moon Mission – a17v.1210130 – 031

Apollo 17 Moon Mission – a17v.1210431 – 032

Apollo 17 Moon Mission – a17v.1210645 – 033

Apollo 17 Moon Mission – a17v.1211002 – 034

Apollo 17 Moon Mission – a17v.1211119 – 035

Apollo 17 Moon Mission – a17v.1211527 – 036

Apollo 17 Moon Mission – a17v.1211820 – 037

Apollo 17 Moon Mission – a17v.1212155 – 038

Apollo 17 Moon Mission – a17v.1212457 – 039

Apollo 17 Moon Mission – a17v.1212830 – 040

Moon Exploration Apollo 17 – a17v.1213158 – 041

Moon Exploration Apollo 17 – a17v.1213613 – 042

Moon Exploration Apollo 17 – a17v.1220706 – 043

Moon Exploration Apollo 17 – a17v.1220943 – 044

Moon Exploration Apollo 17 – a17v.1221309 – 045

Moon Exploration Apollo 17 – a17v.1221641 – 046

Moon Exploration Apollo 17 – a17v.1222011 – 047

Moon Exploration Apollo 17 – a17v.1222340 – 048

Moon Exploration Apollo 17 – a17v.1222641 – 049

Moon Exploration Apollo 17 – a17v.1222910 – 050

Moon Mission Apollo 17 – a17v.1225505 – 051

Moon Mission Apollo 17 – a17v.1225901 – 052

Moon Mission Apollo 17 – a17v.1230228 – 053

Moon Mission Apollo 17 – a17v.1230624 – 054

Moon Mission Apollo 17 – a17v.1230949 – 055

Moon Mission Apollo 17 – a17v.1231835 – 056

Moon Mission Apollo 17 – a17v.1232119 – 057

Moon Mission Apollo 17 – a17v.1232419 – 058

Moon Mission Apollo 17 – a17v.1232746 – 059

Moon Mission Apollo 17 – a17v.1404527 – 060

Moon rocks & soil Apollo 17 – a17v.1404855 – 061

Moon rocks & soil Apollo 17 – a17v.1405226 – 062

Moon rocks & soil Apollo 17 – a17v.1405557 – 063

Moon rocks & soil Apollo 17 – a17v.1405851 – 064

Moon rocks & soil Apollo 17 – a17v.1410227 – 065

Moon rocks & soil Apollo 17 – a17v.1410719 – 066

Moon rocks & soil Apollo 17 – a17v.1410956 – 067

Moon rocks & soil Apollo 17 – a17v.1411056 – 068

Moon rocks & soil Apollo 17 – a17v.1411419 – 069

Moon rocks & soil Apollo 17 – a17v.1411757 – 070


China’s Chang’e 5

China’s Chang’e 5 has landed on the moon..
China’s Chang’e 5 has taken pictures of the moon. I researched the images and added arrow marks to better highlight important points.

The Clockwork Mechanism of the Moon in action

Lunar Clockwork Mechanism

In the document “The Moon is artificial” we reveal that the Moon has a certain type of internal Clockwork Mechanism. In still pictures we can see  clearly the gear wheels, axles and omni present motors, but we can´t see the movement of them.

Luckily here is a video which shows the Lunar Clockwork Mechanism in action. And this video is long enough to see and verify the movement of the gear wheels and the rotation of the axles.

If the Moon clockwork mechanism is functioning while we now observe the Moon, we have to conclude that there is at the moment some intelligent beings on the Moon as well. There is no way to say that there could have been some ancient Civilizations one or two million years ago. No way.

See carefully the movement of the gear wheels and the rotation of the motor shafts and / or axles in this video.


The Moon is artificial in PDF-format and in various languages

“The Moon is artificial” in PDF-format
and in the following languages:

Der Mond ist künstlich – Der Beweis
Das Dokument im PDF-Format und in deutscher Sprache.

Kuu on kunstlik – Tõend
Dokument PDF-formaadis ja eesti keeles

The Moon is artificial – The Proof
Document in PDF-format and in English

La luna es artificial – La prueva
El documento en formato de PDF y en español

La Luno estas artefarita – La pruvo
La dokumento en PDF-formato kaj en Esperanto

La Lune est artificielle – La preuve
Le document au format PDF et en français.

La Luna è artificiale – La prova
Il documento in formato PDF e in italiano

A lua é artificial – A prova
O Documento em formato PDF e em Português

Kuu on keinotekoinen – Todiste
Dokumentti PDF-formaatissa ja suomeksi

Månen är konstgjord – Beviset
Dokument PDF-vormingus ja rootsi keeles

I hope that you will find the document in the language you are looking for.

UFOs on the Moon

Lately  there are many observations on flying objets on the Moon. When a large number of people report UFOs on the Moon or close to the Moon I think we have to take it seriously and have another look on these reports. I have collected the information on some of these observations. There exists many more reports and videos, but I have concentrated on these as representative observations. Some may be fake or hoax, others may be just birds or bats. These reports come from different people round the world. I think that most of the people are honest and so not all of these reports can not be just jokes or hoax.

UFOs on the Moon videos.

  1. 23.08.2014 / Russia?
  2. 29.04.2015 / Texas, USA
  3. 07.06.2017
  4. 02.10.2018 / Canada
  5. 18.05.2019 / Moscow, Russia
  6. 19.07.2019 / Armenia
  7. 23.11.2019 / Spain
  8. 10.01.2020 / Bengaluru, India
  9. 23.01.2020 / Poland?
  10. 11.02.2020 / Tennessee, USA
  11. 05.04.2020 / India
  12. 06.04.2020 / UK
  13. 01.05.2020 / Russia
  14. 10.05.2020 / Russia
  15. 12.07.2020 / Hertfordshire, UK
  16. 22.08.2020 / Bogota, Colombia
  17. 03.09.2020 / Tailandia
  18. 27.09.2020 / Indiana, USA
  19. 11.10.2020 / Israel

“Bruce sees all” has been reporting UFOs on the Moon for years. So I will add here one of his latest videos for two resons: 1) it shows several UFOs on the Moon and 2) because it contains a super interesting video of mission STS-75 (by NASA) and the objects flying in the space. It is “a must see report”. I think we all should see it. Please enjoy!

Could this Moon crater hide a lost booster rocket?

Science Channel has published in 27 abr. 2017 a video titled “Could This Moon Crater Hide The Remains Of A Failed NASA Experiment?”. I wanted to check if I can verify the object photographed. But first the video, my answer below immediatelly after their video.


I have tried to analyze the photo of the crater by doing a magnified copy of  the photo. Here is the resulting photo.

Unknown Moon object

Results: It is not an impact crater. The tubes in the opening are intact. They are not broken. The photo clearly contains a meeting point of metal structures. The bigger tubes do not resemble a booster rocket. No way. Thus in my opinion this photo simply has a kind of unknown machinery.  Problem resolved.

Interesting Black Out areas on the Moon

Sometimes one encounter bright new ideas for the presentation of the anomalies on the Moon. Here is a video I liked because it is well done and emphasizes just the areas taken out for some reason. The question is why these areas have been taken out? Who did give the order to remove these areas? Why? Do they present some kind of danger for the people of the Earth. Hardly. So why they have been taken out. Just to make people of the Earth more ignorant of the things on the Moon. Or just to save the face of NASA when they are still saying that they have not found any life on the Moon. Why do they stick to that old dogma?

Please all amateur astronomers! Here is the list of the targets for taking pictures and videos.


This Youtube video will not open directly on page (some restriction or malfunction?). But here is the link to it.

(Problem solved: Here is the video.)


Apollo 12 Moon Anomalies

The text in the video says: “Original NASA image”, but there are no referencies to the exact photo number. Most probably this is an original NASA photo that has leaked out before being sent for re-editing and other manipulation.

Earlier I had very strick principles – I did not want to publish anything without  first verifying the authencity of the image of being of NASA origin. But alas, that was a mistake, since NASA is really the most unreliable source and it has been proven again and again that NASA is re-editing and manipulating its own photos before publishing them. So any other source is more reliable. Besides I have seen thousands of photos from Mars and Moon and to me it looks that this image (and video) is a real one and much more reliable than any one obtained direct from Nasa Galleries and Archives.

Finally, please, help me to identify the exact location on the Moon where this photo was taken. Note the craters at the bottom of the photo. They should help to pinpoint the exact location.

Apollo 12 Moon Anomalies – an amazing photo without re-edition.